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Unifying Theories of Programming and Formal Engineering Methods: International Training School on Software Engineering
 3 years ago

Words for the sake of words... or I was not mature enough to benefit or understand it

Javascript: The Ultimate guide for javascript programming (Volume 7)
 3 years ago

Ultimate? Definitely not.

Javascript: The Ultimate guide for javascript programming (Volume 7)
 3 years ago

Initial remarks for beginners.

Reliable JavaScript: How to Code Safely in the World's Most Dangerous Language
 3 years ago

Is it a fiction or reliable book for a self-education? Author's split personality? The only thing I could remembered that Charlotte is going to fake something or make author to be redden. So many code lines for nothing... test cases are not needed if we're talking about the pattern itself. Half of the book, just a code that'll never be read. Where are diagrams or pattern's schema representations? For the special case as jQuery Promises just a link? In the handbook I have to open a link... kidding?

Reading Activity Calendar
 4 years ago

A little more to finish and it'll be a highlight

Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams (3rd Edition)
 4 years ago

Great book with sipid ideas (openspace rooms - evil).

Introduction to the section mnemonics
 7 years ago

And how is it related to the content?

Random english spam
 12 years ago

очень зря... никоим образом не относится к спаму. хороший стих

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