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LockedMultidomain Website Sign In Author: FieryCat  (2016-11-09 11:26:28)

Automatic authorization via single entry for all domains of Creative portal «Terra Ad Caelum» 

Pseudo-LaTeX Markup Usages Author: FieryCat  (2016-10-11 19:37:31)

On the website «Terra Ad Caelum» was added the ability to use LaTeX markup for a better content representation. 

Site status Author: FieryCat  (2016-04-05 11:46:31)

Service to create a book overview has been activated. It'll be used for notes and book's statuses synchronization via eBook and other devices. 

Data migration Author: irina  (2016-03-16 10:05:09)

All data from the old version have been adapted and transferred, but if something is wrong, do not hesitate to write us... 

[i] Broken myth of right- and left-brained abilities Author: FieryCat  (2016-02-29 16:10:27)

The cognitive and spontaneous (originative) styles have nothing common with the different functions of the brain's left and right hemisphere.