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Citadel's lost worlds: Pasteboard World (Russian Edition)

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Citadel's lost worlds: Pasteboard World (Russian Edition)


Categories:  Fiction, Foreign Language Fiction


Short description:

The book was published by us (Creative portal «Terra Ad Caelum», as a result of contest «Citadel's lost worlds» among MMORPG players.



Number of Pages:  304


Person's birth, the formation of the soul, the birth of ideas, the formation of personality. Those whole processes are invisible, somewhere unconsciously and sometimes independent. In such way our uniqueness is crystallized... to Universe we are not more valuable than snowflakes (they also are unique in their structure), but for someone we are significant - our parents, brothers, sisters, lovers, friends. Some people are forwarded into the streams of creativity and creation by this series of disparate communications. This oeuvre is presented here.


ISBN:  1499197519



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