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Customer Success

Author(s): Nick Mehta, Dan Steinman, Lincoln Murphy




52 p.

customer success... requires a to-down, company-wide commitment to trylly deliver world-class customer success.... There are three basic benefits that come form executing customer success well: reduce/manage churn, drive increased contract value for existing customers, improve the customer experience and customer satisfaction.

56 p.

the key metrics are by which success will be determined: gross renewals, net retention, adoption, customer health, churn, upsell, downsell, net promoter score (NPS).

59 p.

Customer Experience (CX) typically refers to the assessment and management of the overall customer experience across a customer's lifetime.

60 p.

Customer advocacy is used most often to describe the critical role that happy and successful customers can play in advancing a vendor's agenda with references, case studies, positive reviews, and user group participation.

71 p.

Because the job of customer success is to make sure customers are deriving success form your product, they are a revenue-driving organization. This means they need to be people who are at least sales-savvy, if not having direct sales experience.

81 p.

In a recurring revenue business, there's no such thing as post-sales. Every single activity is a pre-sales activity.