Flow (History)

Flutter (Dart): 1-Pagers Unleashed, December 2023

Everything you should know about Flutter framework and Dart language in a few pages.

From Zero to Market with Flutter, November 2023

This book is more than a set of instructions; it's an invitation to embark on a collaborative journey through the thrilling realm of platform-agnostic application development using Flutter. Together, we'll explore every phase of the application lifecycle, starting from the initial concept to the final distribution, with essential stops at development, testing, and automation along the way.

Fingrom, July 2023

Open-source cross-platform financial accounting application without Ads and limitations. The goal of the solution is to create a financial accounting application that is intuitive, efficient, and inclusive. That empowers users to effortlessly manage their finances while ensuring that no one is left behind.


Code Title December'23 November'23 December'23 January'24
Software-related activities
B2B Contracts CommerceGate no active contracts iCOMAT -
financial accounting application
-205 Euro -200 Euro pending -
Publishing books
From Zero to Market with Flutter
Desktop, Mobile, and Web Distribution
-6.14 Euro 0.31 Euro pending -
Operations of Internet portals
corporate portal
-99.25 Euro 0 Euro pending -
Citadel Liga Info
game-services platform
4.5 Euro 2.72 Euro pending -
Creativity By
oeuvre publishing services
Summary: -305.89 Euro -196.97 Euro pending -


Roadmap can be viewed on Github: https://github.com/users/lyskouski/projects/2/views/1


[Q1 2024] Fingrom

OKR: Establish a strong market presence
  • KPI 1: Achieve one million downloads of the application
  • KPI 2: Maintain an active user base of at least one thousand users
    Metrics: daily active users (DAU), monthly active users (MAU), average session length
  • KPI 2: Bring at least two new contributors on board


Any made contribution is greatly appreciated (also, by mentioning in Contributors section, Release notes, and in the "App" [About - Contributors] as a gratitude). However, if it's been chosen a contribution (not just typo corrections) to any of repos, you agree that you're giving us a non-exclusive license to use that content, as we deem appropriate. You probably guessed that already, but we do want to be extra clear on that.

Any work should be rewarded, but until we reach profitability (check the "Finance" tab), we will not be able to financially support your work.

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